Focus On IEYC, Five Learning Activities Used by Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat

IEYC or international early years curriculum has become a reason why Global Sevilla stands out among its other peers. The preschool Jakarta Barat employs the curriculum as its finest syllabus for every program. It later creates more attractive learning and naturally interactive design for them. To fully slip the idea, the school has several learning activities in its programs. 

How IEYC Affects Global Sevilla’s Learning 

The way IEYC affects school learning is mostly how it focuses on students’ development based on six areas of learning and development. It demands the school to fully capture or facilitate the best learning following the children’s skills or abilities. It later shapes unique or various learning activities for every age group program in Global Sevilla. 

Another key to IEYC’s presence in Global Sevilla is its emphasis on tailoring fun, attractive, interactive, and engaging learning. The curriculum highlights children’s nature in being interested or curious. That is why, the school purposely develops learning with the IEYC curriculum, following the age group’s capability, plus upping the more attractive activities. 

The Learning Activities In Global Sevilla 

1. Games And Problems 

Being a school that is conscious of students’ interest pattern, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat use games and problems in class. The key is to make them learn how to develop proper cognitive skills to solve the problem. The activities also make kids more attracted to the process, since the school gives fun and games like study. 

2. Using Songs And Rhymes 

To involve listening and speaking skill, Global Sevilla develop learning using fun songs and rhymes. The idea is pretty simple, in which students follow the song and recite the words. It is not only fun but also a great way to engage children in a more friendly manner. It is also given the fact that some music or nursery rhymes are made to introduce basic skills.  

3. Sensory Fun 

Sensory fun highlights motoric, creativity, and knowledge about world children’s development. The key to global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat learning is to allow students to be creative with crafts or simple art activities. The sensory fun also emphasizes the focus on learning by doing and also indicates the curious manner of students.  Because Global Sevilla fully employs IEYC in its learning, many of the activities highlight the fun and attractive doings. It complements the six areas of learning, which assess students’ personal development through interactive and specified education. It makes every year unique. But how unique is it? You should check out the Global Sevilla Jakarta Barat to find its best potential.

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